Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BSV (Belief System Virus)

Once upon a time, a couple of friends of mine and me needed to take a risky drive to the mainland. The driver had to go home and pick up his pogey cheque so we could head back to town and let the party continue (I think we were on day 5). This is about a three hour drive along a fairly busy highway.

What made the drive risky was the fact that our friend had earlier gone to have his car inspected at a garage in town and they slapped a rejection sticker on it. Have you ever seen one of these? It's like having a giant Remembrance Day poppy on a square field of black right in the corner of your windshield where the inspection sticker goes. Hard to miss.

But we had incentive and little concern over consequences. For me, the worst case scenario would be thumbing a ride home; an adventure in itself. Plus I was blind drunk at the time.

We passed two RCMP cruisers on our way up, coming down the opposite lane. Each time we thought, “Oh shit!”, but both Highly Trained Observers kept right on going. I paid careful attention to the officers driving and neither of them so much as looked toward our lane. Eyes straight ahead. Which brings me to my point: That which we come to believe about ourselves...

Cops, for instance, are trained to believe that they have “special powers of observation” above and beyond the scope of regular folk like us. I'm not saying they don't receive training in these things, but do they really come off as better observers? I'm sure some do. But by and large they don't see shit. I wish I could tell you what I carried out of a house I was renting one time, right under the noses of four “Highly Trained Specialists” who were standing in my kitchen. I was being removed from the premises because the property was still tied up with estate bullshit and the two inheritors were having a dispute over whether a tenant should be allowed to rent it. So I got kicked out for the night until it was resolved between them. Just in case you were wondering why four cops were in my kitchen. It wasn't for Tarabish!

But these guys had no notion of the fun and wonderful stuff I loaded into my truck that night. If only they'd asked to look under the towel covering the laundry basket. Keen observers indeed!

But not to dwell on police. Nobody wants that. That was just one example from real life; whatever that is.

The point is that once a person comes to believe something about themselves, they do a weird thing: they stop practising the thing they've come to believe they can do.

Now I'm not talking about people who just make shit up about themselves – I'm talking about people who've acquired a skill, or at least attended classes or the like and come to believe that because of that, they have been imbued with powers. Like the cops in our example; no doubt if they exercised their powers and actually applied what they learned, they would catch a few things the average Joe misses. But they were probably daydreaming about the end of their shift instead, like everyone else.

I'll tell you what: I don't miss very fucking much and I ain't NEVER been to no cop school.

This curious phenomena can be seen anywhere where a person has a ticket in their wallet, a diploma framed upon their wall, a badge, a white coat, you name it. The belief in their training or having been trained, supersedes any need to actually apply the things learned.

It's like a highly trained swordsman who fails to draw his sword because he believes he's a highly trained swordsman. What good's going to come of that? His belief will get him cut to ribbons.

Robert Anton Wilson is probably best known for his saying, “Belief is the death of Intelligence”; and this is pretty much what I'm talking about here.

Once a belief gets lodged in amongst the lines of code that make up your Circuit Three Program, it kind of takes over. Instead of acting intelligently, productively, creatively; one begins a series of behaviours which only serve to reinforce the belief; which in turn makes the person think they have accomplished something with regard to the skill associated with the belief when, in fact, they have only created mental pictures and scripts in their heads. These scripts and pictures/mental movies have the same effect on those infected with BSV (Belief System Virus) as having taken the action itself! These self-created images are then fed-back into the original BSV programming code as “self-referential reinforcers”. This is the most insidious way BSV usurps the imaginative/imaging properties of the Third Circuit which it infects. From here the code continues to rewrite itself until it makes more and more synaptic connections with pre-established networks throughout the brain. Before long, the one suffering from BSV sees the illness as a part of him/her-self.

Like a biological virus invading host cells and replacing cell DNA with its own RNA which is encoded to turn the cell into a virus factory, BSV soon spreads similarly throughout the Circuit it's infected until it takes over the whole thing. It then spreads from person to person through Circuit Three Vectors; primarily reading, listening, and talking.

And all the Circuits are connected and feedback on one another in various ways.

This is what is largely responsible for all the insanity and unproductive behaviours so prevalent in the world today. And the virus is spreading faster than ever.

But there is a vaccine, a treatment...

The House of Madness is deeply committed to the eradication of BSV across the globe. Many others stand with us. There are ways you can help yourself too.

  1. Limit or eliminate ANY form of communication with BSV infectees
  2. Install Anti-Virus coding into your Third Circuit, it will write itself into all the lower Circuits automatically. These programming codes can be found in the works of Robert Anton Wilson, Dr. Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley, and Dr. C.S. Hyatt, for starters.
  3. Give yourself daily injections of the Anti-Virus
  4. Learn to think for yourself; this will get easier as the Anti-Virus takes effect
  5. This is HARD WORK and can be very, very painful!

These are but a few places to start if you want to be free of BSV and take your mind and your life back.

The process of uninstalling BSV is very difficult and often requires years of intense treatment. If you should decide to rid yourself of this pernicious illness, start thinking like a diabetic. Daily injections! For life.

Is there a way you can tell if YOU have BSV? Yes, there are many tests, but that's a whole subject in itself; perhaps another time.

In the meantime, it's best to assume your are infected, because almost everyone on earth today is. The internet is a great thing, but it opens propagation vectors previously unavailable to BSV. But it also allows for easier and faster distribution of the Anti-Virus.

So start your treatment today! 

BTW, for those few of you who believe yourselves to be BSV free, take the treatment anyway. It's harmless to the uninfected and it will make your schlong bigger... or you're boobs, if your a woman.

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