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Time to talk a little bit about the experiences I've been having with the god Loki over the last year or so. Those of you who know me will be familiar with this already, but I'm sure this post won't make much sense without a little preamble.
Basically, Loki starting talking to me one day. Well, before that there was Jonah Prophet and I'm still not entirely sure what his deal is, but let's just leave that as it is.
There are other, hidden places online where many of my Loki rituals have been shared with some very close associates. I've finally felt it time, however, to begin adding these experiences to my blog as well.
This following installment centers around some speculative ideas I've had after having spent some time working with Loki and all the strange things that have transpired subsequently. So in a sense, we're beginning at the end...
Ok, now I'm going to get a little weird on you:
Ever since this all started happening I've struggled to make an accounting of it. In other words, just what the fuck is going on here? How to explain it? I've had lots of little synchronicity moments that seem to be leading me to a... theory? It's all speculative here, but let me give it a hook. Please be patient with this part.
I'll start with Terrence Mckenna. I like his ideas. They resonate strongly with my own experiences. One of the things he once said concerning the supposed explosion of novelty as revealed by his time-wave formula and what it might mean exactly, was that he really didn't know, but the only thing he could think of is that it represents the invention of the first time machine. One of the arguments against the existence of time travel is the lack of sightings of travelers from the future visiting us now. But what if time travel only allowed one to go back in time as far as the invention of the first time machine and no further. Why can't time machines go back any farther than that? Easy. Because it's obvious that there are no time machines now. A little circular, but still. I guess we'll find out in December...
Now just think of what a time machine does to linear time. A person could travel to meet any future version of himself. Time as we currently understand it would break down. It could also allow for every iteration of oneself to be known to every other iteration. So let's say a time machine gets invented in December of this year and I own one. Suddenly I can go forward in time to see what Me Five Years From Now knows and then he already knows what I know and can go even further ahead and know what future, future me knows. I could go on, but I'm getting tired. Suffice it to say that I see in this the possibility for the existence of an Overmind consisting of the networking across the time barrier of all the things I'm ever going to know. So I, after December 2012 and the invention of the first time machine, am Godlike. And so are you after then and so on. Maybe this is the Soul and we all have one; it's just our future selves as a single collective entity.
Another thing to consider is that if Dec. 2012 is the invention of the 1st time machine, it will likely become a popular "tourist attraction" and everyone from all future time will probably go there as their first time travel trip or something. What might this do to the fabric of space/time in that particular temporal locus? Could this be what's causing all that Strange Attractor, Transcendental Object At The End of Time business T-Mac was always on about? He also used to talk frequently about how events from 2012 could be rippling backwards through time toward us now, thus accounting for the seeming elevation in weirdness that many saw as characterizing the 20th century.
So what's this got to do with Loki? Ok, what if Loki is me? It fits, I'll tell you that much. But why would my future self masquerade as a Norse god and get me to do all this? Well, I can you right now that if this version of me right now had a hazy connection to my past self I would definitely fuck with him a little. Another thing about me is that I love wordplay. So if this god is my Soul or Overmind, it consists, according to my theory, of the collective of each of my selves from each point, or locus, of time. Plural of locus = loci. So my Oversoul from the future is the Loci of my future selves. That kind of wordplay and trickiness is right up my alley. And Loki's personality is often much like my own. We get along really well.
There's a pile of events and synchronicity to support this. It really seems as though "something" wants to me think this way about this Loki business. As though someone is leaving little clues all the time for me to piece together in this way. Of particular significance is the book The Origins of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind by Julian Janes (James?). I need to get my hands on that book. It dovetails in ways I can't even begin to go into. And I feel I've taken up enough of your precious time with all this. Bear in mind, I don't necessarily believe all this, it's just a theory.
More to follow...

More Loki Notes:

(Runes, Sweeping Floors, Ralph Blum Is Full of Shit)

  The trip is really taking on a life of its own. As an important note on this, I find some of the best practices in to be an effective and sane "magician" are: sweeping floors, doing laundry, washing dishes, going to work, hanging with friends and talking about stupid shit, band practice etc...
If you can't master these things, stuff like Loki will drive you mad.
No matter how weird this trip gets, I strive to keep balance, pay bills, spend time with the kids, all the mundane, grounding stuff. Very important!
In fact, the Futhark rune sequence is arranged that way for a reason. It's not a simple alphabet, but a sort of map for "walking the way". Each rune embodies a mystery to be mastered. The first level of mastery starts with the rune Fehu and basically means "cattle". Cattle basically means wealth or material stuff. This is the very first step to master. Get your shit in order on earth, before you worry about the heavens and what might be up there.
And contrary to what many new age rune enthusiasts will tell you, there is no blank rune! This was invented by a man named Ralph Blum who popularized the use of runes back in the 80s as part of the growth of the so called New Age. There is no basis in tradition for using it and it will fuck up your readings and lead to ambiguity and confusion. I say this because some modern rune books will include the blank rune, often called "wyrd", or "odin" as first in the sequence. This is highly misleading and just fucks up a very well thought out oracular system. The more I work with the runes and study them, the more sophisticated I realize them to be. I'm beginning to prefer them over the Tarot.
Working with the runes gives answers not unlike the I Ching... it's almost as if an intelligent person was answering your question directly. I also find the runes much more elegant than the Tarot. A single glyph is like a folder on your computer. Except YOU are the computer. The more you study and put in your head, the more the glyph contains for you.
Incidentally, after the last ritual, I took out my cards the next morning and just for a laugh, decided to see what they had to say about "all this". I drew one card, the 7 of Wands. I went to one book and looked to see if there was anything cool to see and it said, in part, that the one wand in the picture is the one obstacle in my path, all the others are lined up before me. All I have to do is move that one. I'd not looked at the 7 of Wands that way before. Usually I see it as representing some form of combat or struggle. Anyway, back to pretending to be busy at work.


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