Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspired by Real Events

It's coming;
I can hear it;
A wave is rising;
A distant rumble,
Location indeterminate;

I walked all the way up George St. today;
The whole goddamn way;
Under an overcast sky that almost made me steal a line from Steinbeck,
But I didn't;
What an ugly street!
Chrysanthemums wouldn't be caught dead here;
Dirty black snow and the most beautifully designed litter
That History ever produced;
And such a piss-poor job of plowing!
Who's driving those things these days?
It's time to bring in the robots;
They will know precisely how low to drop the blade;
Just low enough to lay everything bare; 

Some Haiku:

The Secret resting
on the toilet tank cover
arsewipe sits on top
-a haiku( referrence to nature,without seasonal clue)

Sky in shades of gray,
Hangs over snow; pale sunlight.
Crow and seagull dance.
( haiku- 12/23/07)

Distant crow calling
The sky is grey this morning
Bells shiver the air

Baby crow outside
Mama perched near, wires swaying
White cat stalks below
~H.รถ.M. 06/22/10

Happiness pursues
I cower and hide myself
Who wants what they ask?

Loose & Unsorted:

Baby bird,
Singled out among his brothers;
His mouth gapes wide,
Swallows death,
The point of a pocket-knife;
( five lines, twenty-five syllables 09/21/07 )

Drive by
Sidewalk and curb
Where I stand smoking;trails
Of grey, curling past my eyelids,
And gone;
( cinquain modified to accomodate 23 syllables. more appropriate, i think; pont-cinquain perhaps? If the first line is a BRIDGING title? )

Thoughts don't enter Heaven;
Just handle things,
The victim is the sufferer
( found poem )


  1. The protagonist,
    As sharp as a barbed wire fence,
    Begs us to climb over.

    * First attempt at a'd I do?

    Enjoyed your verses.

  2. excellent! well done wit the imagery. count your last line again...
    and leave comments! we have potential to start a very large conversation...

  3. Apparently this cockcsucker won't let you edit comments so it's "with", not "wit"


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