Friday, June 17, 2011

Culture Is Our Bitch

Culture is a weapon, a rod, a thumbscrew;
They use it on you to keep you in line;
Cowed, damaged, jumpy; it is not your friend.

Culture is the Soma of Brave New World;
It is dope of the worst and most addictive kind;
They give it to you to keep you in line;
Stupefied, compliant, sedated; it is not your friend;

Culture is a compellingly well told story,
A Sleepy-Time story to make you drowsy;
They tell it to you to keep you in line;
They will still be telling you as they stand around your coffin; it is not your friend;

Culture is a cannibal, ravening Beast; It eats its young, it devours everything;
They set it on you to keep you in line;
It is a tethered beast; stay outside its Circle
And do all your works there, or the Slavering Jaws of Culture
Will claim them and make them Its Own; it is not your friend;

Do not fight it. It is strong;
For every weapon formed against it becomes part of it;
Even the Gods fear it,
And placed the Ouroboros as a Quarantine Seal to keep Asgard safe;
For from Culture’s every footprint sprouts a thousand offspring;

Culture has no Counter;

Culture is not multi;
It is a single thing; a patched and spotted dog;
The Bitch that ate the World;
So deal with her that way;
She is not your friend;

So ward yourself with ethchings on the flesh;
Inscribe the Ouroboros over your heart to guard you,
And become like Him, become a Boundary Warden;
Give warning to those about to get too close, but don’t detain them;
For Compulsion is the Way of the Bitch; Be not like her;
Let them walk into the Belly of the Beast,
Saying only, “She is not your friend”,

But Dance as you Circle the Perimeter;
Perform your works before Her eyes, under Her nose,
Right at the Edge;
Let Her get a whiff, but never a taste;
For then she will have you;
No, make bitter the bones you throw her;
Let everything she eats of yours be something vile;
Let Her spit out your works,
And She will follow you,
Waiting for the tasty bits;
Be careful, for the tether stretches;
And one might never know,
One has strayed inside the Circle;
Until it is too late;

(coming as soon as I figure out how to add it to this stupid blog: an Inspirational, Full Colour, PDF "Culture Is Our Bitch" bookmark!! Check The House of Madness Facebook page for details on getting a printed, laminated copy!)

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