Saturday, July 2, 2011

‪God is in The Neurons‬‏

In case anyone wanted some further technical details concerning my post on BSV; I stumbled across this video today and thought it worth sharing.
However,as our understanding of neuroscience increases, it will by no means diminish the value of experiences brought on by altered states of consciousness. There are still many mysteries to this trip. Explaining and understanding the relationship between brain function and subjective internal experience doesn't explain anything about where certain phenomena originate.
Does Yggdrasil live by its roots alone? Are its leaves and branches not in the Upper Realms?
As with all trees, the constituents of life travel both ways and draw from the Earth as well as the Heavens.
It's no different with that meat we call our brains. Synaptic firings and subjective experiences seem to have a cause and effect relationship. But which is which?

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